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Special Topics Course for Fall 2017!

April 11, 2017

We are happy to announce a new course for the Fall of 2017: CSC 470 Topics: R Programming

This three-credit course is designed for people who have taken one or more Computer Science courses previously at Georgetown, and who would like to take more CS courses or even minor in the subject. CSC 470 will introduce you to the R programming language, one of the two primary programming languages of the new minor.

The course meets at the same time and place as CSC 115. You will attend most classes along with the students in CSC 115 who are beginning their Computer Science journey at Georgetown. Like the students in CSC 115 you will learn R from the ground up, but since you have prior experience in programming you will be able to move a bit faster. You will have somewhat different assignments from the 115 students and you will learn a few of the tools and topics that normally would be taught in CSC 215.

Who should take thus course? Anyone who is contemplating a minor in CS but who already has credit for CSC 115 should take this course. If you have some programming experience in another language but simply want to learn R for use in Biology, then this course may be of interest but you might also want to look into CSC 303.

The prerequisite for CSC 470 is permission of the instuctor, so consult Dr. White if you would like to join.

Note: If you took CSC 115 previously with Python then you will need CSC 470 prior to taking CSC 405, which will require a knowledge of R the next time it is offered. This version of CSC 470 is a "one-time catch-up": it won't be offered again, so if you need it you should take it now!

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