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CSC 405 Databases

Course Description

This course introduces database concepts necessary to inform the choice of a database system for applications, and to construct and use a database.
At least one type of database system is studied, and is used in both data analysis and web-app development settings.


CSC 215 and CSC 324

When Offered

Spring semesters.

More Information

CSC 405 functions much like a "capstone" course in a major, drawing upon your the programming, web-design and data analysis skills you have developed in earlier courses.

At the beginning of the course we learn about the basic principles of relational databases and study MySQL, a common language used to interface with relational databases.

We then apply databases in the setting of data analysis, writing R programs that pull data from a database and create numerical and graphical summaries of that data. We also learn to write simple Shiny applications that permit non-technical users to perform data analysis on the Internet.

In the final portion of the course we study PostgreSQL, an object-relational database system, and do a bit more with the Node.js environment that was introduced in CSC 324. We apply Node and PostgreSQL to the construction of simple web apps such as online games. These are the baby steps toward becoming a "full-stack" web developer!

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